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Playing is "Punkin Headed Baby" from our CD "Heart for the Hills"


Blue Maggie is an unsigned band. That means we do our own radio promotions. A lot of musicians have professionals with the time to call up radion stations, write them and email them. We do it ourselves in our free time. The DJ's and stations below were kind enough to play Blue Maggie's music. Many of them are DJ's who volunteer their time also for the love of music. Some play Bluegrass, some play Roots Music and some play Americana music. They are all very dedicated people and we urge you to take time to visit thier links, thank them for playing our songs and most of all thank them for the wonderful work they do just to bring music to others.

We have to thank them for making our music available to the world and for those broadcasters, WE LOVE YOU !

 Richard & Cheryl's grandson Russell LOVES YOU TOO!

If you know of a station in your area or on the internet that you think should be playing Blue Maggie's music, let them know that our music is also available on MP3 for broadcasters to download at their convenience.

Here are the links to the greatest stations, programs and people on earth!

Country Unplugged Radio Show, KKRF-FM and World Wide Bluegrass, Desmoines Ia. Hosted by Uncle Billy Dunbar aka Roackabilly Dunbar  his links are as follows:   http://thecountryunplugged.tripod.com/ and www.worldwidebluegrass.com

Kentucky Streams Internet Radio on Live 365, Paducah Ky.  Hosted by Randy Montgomery (the coolest) ,  http://www.live365.com/stations/coldwatercandles http://www.kentuckystreams.com Where Blue Maggie are featured artists, support Kentucky Streams by purchasing some of their handmade candles.

Fiddles & Frets Program on Live 365, Norriston Pa.  Hosted by Ray Naylor (a great musician himself) , www.raynaylor.net

Shady Grove Music on Live 365, Rochester NY.  Hosted by Kenny Laing (a great guy) , www.shadygroveradio.com

Traditional Folk, WUMB and Live 365, Boston Mass. Hosted by Sandy Sheehan (check him out on Tim Obrien's latest CD) his links are as follows: http://www.live365.com/stations/wumb919od and http://www.sandysmusic.com 

Music for Rank Strangers, Live 365 , started as a one hour broadcast on WMBC, Md. and is now 24/7 on the internet. Hosted by Six String Joe (an excellent guitar picker) his links are: http://musicforrankstrangers.com  and for the music http://www.live365.com/stations/sixstringjoe

The Ole Dominion Radio Show from Richmond that is can be heard from Richmond, Va. to Beckly, W.Va. and on World Wide Bluegrass, Hosted by Jim Ellis and Gary Williams (2 True Bluegrassers)  

Stations, links, and show times are listed below:

WCLM 1450   Richmond, Va.,  Saturdays 7-9 am. Live Internet Stream www.wclmradio.com

WHAP 1340   Hopewell, Va., Saturdays 7-9 am. Live Internet Stream www.whapradio.com

WNRV 990    Narrows, Va., Blacksburg, Va. and Princeton, WV,  Saturdays 7-9 am.

WLEE 990     Richmond, Va.,  Sundays 12:15 -3:00 pm.

World Wide Bluegrass www.worldwidebluegrass.com

Also check out his web sites below for Gary who says, "Bluegrass.....Virginia's Classical Music".

Virginia Bluegrass www.VaBluegrass.com   and his My Space www.myspace.com/vabanjo

The Clear Channel Radio Network has added Heart for the Hills to the new artist list and the link is: Clear Channel Blue Maggie

Radio Toronto, up North in Canada, CIUT-FM 89.5, Ron Burd, Music Director, Listen Live at: http://www.ciut.fm/  the link to their weekly chart is http://www.ciut.fm/charts.php and the Canadian charts link is http://www.earshot-online.com/
CIUT has 15,000 Watts, reaching 8 million locally, Nation wide via Star Choice Satellite channel 826 and Streaming via internet.

Radio Wayne, Waco Texas, Bluegrass Express with Wayne Green a dedicated programer, Listen Live at: http://www.radiowayne.com/

WPAQ 740 AM at Mt. Airy North Carolina, one of the nation's only full time bluegrass and old time music radio stations and you can listen live to their broadcasts at their link: http://www.wpaq740.com/ 

     Cheryl being interviewed at WPAQ Mount Airy.

KOOP Radio 91.7 FM, Austin Texas on Strictly Bluegrass from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Sundays, hosted by Keith Davis, visit thier web-site at http://strictlybluegrass.org

The Bluegrass Sound (a syndicated program) on South Carolina's ETV Radio, hosted by Associate Producer, Dr. Larry Klein and heard on Sundays from 8 to 9 pm throughout South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina, check out the shows and picking listed on the web-site for the Blue Grass Sound, the web site is http://www.scetv.org/radio/programs/the_bluegrass_sound/index.cfm

Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music on Sundays at 7 to 8 pm is co-hosted by Johnny Dark (Robbie Grice) and Professor Hular Scheerhorn (Larry Klein) on South Carolina's ETV Radio where they are dedicated to your listening pleasures (in the form of Bluegrass) and heard all over South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina, please visit thier web site and say show your support at Guitars Cadillac and Hillbilly Music

Wall to Wall Bluegrass hosted by the world renowned, Geoff Morris, of Bendigo, Victoria Australia on World Wide Bluegrass at 5 to 8 am Fridays and 9 to 12 noon Saturdays. Be sure and visit his web-site and show your support of the work he does with Bluegrass, his link is http://www.freewebs.com/geoffmorris/ and the link to World Wide Bluegrass where you can hear the finest of Bluegrass hosted by the greatest people in the world  is http://www.worldwidebluegrass.com .

Muldoon in the Afternoon hosted by Gracie Muldoon, one of the biggest hearts and hardest workers in Bluegrass, visit her  World Wide Bluegrass that provides bluegrass for the entire world seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. At World Wide Bluegrass you can hear interviews, chat, visit the forum and catch the latest in Bluegrass news, go to the DJ's web-sites and Gracie's my space and just plain have fun.  Go there and say hello to Gracie at I Love Bluegrass !

FM 130.3 Community Radio, Goulbourn Australia, with fine programs like Beyond the Border and Bluegrass & Barbwire. Visit their web-site for more information and if down under listen up! Thier link is: http://site.fm103.goulburn.net.au/

WRLV 1380 AM  JDz Bluegrass Express in Lebannon Virginia also heard on Jet Broadband Cable 16 ARC TV. Visit JDz website and check out the bluegrass he plays at http://www.JDzBluegrassExpress.com

Mondo Blu Radio  Barcelona Spain is a freeform internet station giving all genres equal airplay (including Bluegrass!) that is hosted a run by the hard-working and dedicated Paul De Michelli, listen to Mondo Blu Radio at http://www.mondoblu.biz


KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso, Texas    National Public Radio for the South West, thier web site is http://www.ktep.org

WYAP 101.7 FM and on-line Andy Waddell does a fine job managing this Clay County, WV Station, stop by thier link and listen in, thier web site is http://www.wyap.com

Song Vault  An incredible site for independant artists where, as of December 22, 2007 Heart for the Hills made the top ten on thier Country Independant Artist Chart ! Pay them a visit and enjoy the thousands of independant artists on thier site. Their link is http://www.songvault.fm


Ozark Mountain Airwaves 24/7 Bluegrass on Live 365, Joblin Mo.   Hosted by Charlie Amos (our hero) http://www.ozarkmountainairwaves.com

Where Blue Maggie is Featured Artists of the Month

The Bluegrass Mix, 24/7 Bluegrass on the Internet - for free - check em out at  http://www.bluegrassmix.com


88.7 FM  WMMT  Mountain Community Radio from Whitesburg Ky (also on Live 365) and known as the People's Radio, there web site is http://www.appalshop.org/wmmt

The Bluegrass Highway working hard to air 24 hour Bluegrass from Forest Ranch, Ca. on Live 365, you can tune in anytime at http://www.bluegrasshighway.com/3.html


Les Sears from the Great State of Virginia, Station Manager for World Wide Bluegrass and host of Bluegrass Time on World Wide Bluegrass every Sunday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The link is www.worldwidebluegrass.com .  Les is a great musician and plays with the Keepin Time Band - check out their web-site http://www.keepintimeband.com/ .


Cool Country World from Denmark with award winning DJ's Bjarne  and  Einare, Check out thier web-site http://ccw.frac.dk/

Playing the best of music in Windsor Australia at www.hawkesburyradio.com.au

 WCSB - FM broadcast from Clevand State University, Cleveland Ohio playing a mix of great music (including Bluegrass and Americana) and you can hear live broadcasts at www.wcsb.org

 East Bank Radio - A live 365 station from Nashville, Tn. playing a woderful blend of Roots Music. Check out thier site and follow the links to listen in at http://www.eastbankmedia.com

 World Wide Independant Country Radion (WICR) airing from Victoria, Australia. A group of dedicated folks specializing in Indepedant Musicans. You can listen on line at http://www.wakeup.to/wicr



Barry Graham and  Folk, Americana, and Classic Bluegrass on 89.5FM WHRV-FM, Norfolk, Virginia

Live Streaming: WWW.WHRV.ORG

   Queens University Radio, Kingston Ontario - 101.9 FM You can listen on-line at their web site http://www.cfrcradio.com

 The Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network (a free on-line network) Their link is: http://www.nbnradionetwork.com

 Radio Free Americana  with the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Cat. They are a FREE on-line internet radio station located in Verona Virginia. Give em a listen at http://www.RadioFreeAmericana.com

  "The Voice of the Kaipara" located in the town of Dargaville, New Zealan, 96.2 and 99.3 FM, check em out at http://www.bigriverfm.co.nz

 Darwin Davidsons "Bronzewound Bluegrass" on Thursdays from 8 PM to 10 PM, 89.9 FM Blue Hill Maine and 102.9 Bangor Maine. You realy need to check out the stations web-site and Darwins web site, they are http://www.weru.org  and http://www.darwindavidson.com

 Nambucca Valley Radio located in the "Verandah Post Town" of Bowraville, Australia with some great DJ's on 105.9 FM visit them at http://www.2nvr.org.au

Radio gets Wild, a free internet station from the United Kingdom at http://www.radiogetswild.com

Radio Melodie, 101.10 FM  in the heart of Frankfurt Germany (no link)

The New Texas Broadcasting Network at http://www.texasbroadcastingnetwork.com


More to come!